Chap. 1:Meet the campers

Blossom woke up. She was on a strange boat. So were her sisters. "Girls....?" She asked curously. Bubbles popped her head up from a boat barral and Buttercup jumed off from the top of the boat. Brat Brute Beserk Brick Boomer and Butch were on other boats. The Powerpunk Girls on the first boat and The Rowdyruff Boys on the second boat. Brat saw the Powerpuffs. "You won't like this summer camp,Blossom." She said supspiciously. "The Host will torture you and the campgrounds are dumps." When they got to the campgrounds they saw two people far away. "Who the heck are they?" asked Brute. The smaller figure noticed the campers. "Oh, hello!" he said. "I'm Chris McLean, the host of this show!" "That's coolio"said Buttercup "Who's that other person?" asked Brick "Oh, you must mean Chef. He cooks the worst food in Canada." Said Chris. "Wait, we're in Canada,not Townsville?" asked Boomer confused. "You lived in Townsville?" Said Chris with a laugh and a wink "How was that funny?" asked Butch. "It's not he's torturing Boomer. My kind've guy!" said Beserk. "Oh, just Shut Up." said Brute. Chef walked over. "Lunch Time." he said. "No,No we already know you make the worst food in Townsville!" said Bubbles "We're not eating your homeade slop!" "Well,you gotta eat it so...." Said Chef. "If you don't you won't get food for the rest of the day." "Oh,all right." Said Bubbles. Everybody turned around. Chris wasn't there. "WHERE THE HECK IS CHRIS?!?!?!" Asked Brute. "Calm down, Brute." Said Blossom. "I'm sure he'll come back in a short time." She was wrong, one hour passed and Chris wasn't there yet. "I geuss you were wrong, Blossom." Said Brick. "SHUT UP BRICK!" Said Blossom. Chris's voice came from the speakars arond the PPNKG The PPG and the RRB. "Where did those come from.....?" asked Brat. "YOUR FIRST CHALLANGE WILL BE REVEALED AT THE BONFIRE PIT." Said Chris "PLEASE REPORT FROM WHEREVER THE HECK YOU GUYS ARE TO THE BONFIRE PIT IMMEADEATLLY." So the PPNKG, PPG and RRB flew as fast as rhey could to the Bonfire Pit. "We can face anything you have!" said the PPNKG. "Are you sure...?" asked Chris. "Because totday's challange is FIGHTING A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "YES!" Yelled EVERYBODY. "This is the set where you will be fighting." Said Chris. "And...GO!" Brick started whispering something to Boomer and Butch. THEY HIPNATIZED THE MONSTER! The PPG tried to punch the monster, but Brick commanded the monster to PUNCH THE PPG! "PPG--Out!" Said Chris. Same as for the PPNKG. "The RRB win!" Said Chris.


"You know the jig. Blah blah mashmellow blah blah Dock Of Shame blah blah Boat Of Losers. Blossom Bubbles Buttercup Beserk Brat Brute Boomer and...." Said Chris PLEASE BE ME PLEASE BE ME Butch thought. IT'S GONNA BE ME IT'S GONNA BE ME Brick thought. ".............Butch." Said Chris. "You said the RRB won, Chris!" Said Brick. "For cheating,by hypnetyzing the monster." Said Chris. So Brick rode away on the boat of losers.