32 new contestants are about to fly through space in this new season. The new contestants are: Cow , Chicken , Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup , Suzy , Flem, Earl , Timmy , Cosmo, Wanda, AJ, Chester, Dexter , Deedee, Mandark, Billy, Mandy, Irwin, Nergal Jr., SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Chowder, Panini, Bart , Lisa , Phineas , Ferb , Isabella , Courage . Fighting to win the big prize 1,000,000 dollars!!!!


Cosmic CometsEdit

  • Cow (Captain) (Eliminated)
  • Courage (Winner)
  • Lisa (Eliminated)
  • Nergal Jr. (Voted Out)
  • Timmy (Voted Out)
  • Flem (Quit)
  • Chowder (Eliminated)
  • SpongeBob (Eliminated)
  • Sandy(Voted Out)
  • Ferb (Eliminated)
  • Mandark (Eliminated)
  • Deedee (Voted Out)
  • Billy (Voted Out)
  • Blossom (Eliminated)
  • Bubbles (Voted Out)
  • Cosmo (Voted Out)
  • Gwen (Quit)
  • Brick (Winner)

Flying StarsEdit

  • Dexter (Captain) (Eliminated)
  • Chicken (Eliminated)
  • Earl (Eliminated)
  • Panini (Voted Out)
  • Mandy (Eliminated)
  • Squidward (Voted Out)
  • Patrick (Runner-Up)
  • AJ (Voted Out)
  • Wanda (Quit)
  • Little Suzy (Voted Out)
  • Chester (Voted Out)
  • Buttercup (Voted Out)
  • Phineas (Voted Out)
  • Bart (Eliminated)
  • Isabella (Quit)
  • Irwin (Voted Out)
  • Dawn (Runner-Up)
  • Owen (Quit)
  • Anne Maria (Eliminated)


Member Team
Sunset Shimmer/Gwen (Quit) (33rd/32nd) Cosmic Comets/Flying Stars
Squidward (Voted Out) (31st) Flying Stars
Irwin (Voted Out) (30th) Flying Stars
Cosmo (Voted Out) (29th) Cosmic Comets
Buttercup (Voted Out) (28th) Flying Stars
Phineas (Voted Out) (27th/26th) Flying Stars
Isabella/Owen (Quit) (26th/27th) Flying Stars
Chester (Voted Out) (25th) Flying Stars
Deedee (Voted Out) (24th) Cosmic Comets
Sandy (Voted Out) (23rd) Cosmic Comets
Billy (Voted Out) (22nd) Cosmic Comets
Little Suzy (Voted Out) (21st/20th) Flying Stars
AJ (Voted Out) (20th/21st) Flying Stars
Bubbles (Voted Out) (19th) (Teams Merged) Cosmic Comets
Nergal Jr. (Voted Out) (18th) Cosmic Comets
Panini (Voted Out) (17th) Flying Stars
Timmy (Voted Out) (16th) Cosmic Comets
Wanda (Quit) (15th/14th) Flying Stars
SpongeBob (Eliminated) (14th/15th) Cosmic Comets
Blossom (Eliminated) (13th) Cosmic Comets
Dexter (Eliminated) (12th) Flying Stars
Ferb (Eliminated) (11th) Cosmic Comets
Mandy (Eliminated) (10th) Flying Stars
Lisa (Eliminated) (9th) Cosmic Comets
Cow (Eliminated) (8th) Cosmic Comets
Chowder (Eliminated) (7th) Cosmic Comets
Earl (Eliminated) (6th) Flying Stars
Chicken (Eliminated) (5th) Flying Stars
Bart (Eliminated) (4th) Flying Stars
Mandark (Eliminated) (3rd) Cosmic Comets
Patrick/Dawn (Runners-Up) (2nd) Flying Stars
Courage/Brick (Winners) (1st) Cosmic Comets


This season has 32 characters which they're:


There are three hosts which they're:


This season include 2 assistants for each team which they're

Cosmic Comets AssistantsEdit

Flying Stars AssistantsEdit


This Season counts with 29 episodes which they're

  • Is a big step for the LOSERS! - Part 1 (Sugar)
  • Is a big step for the LOSERS! - Part 2 (Anne Maria)
  • I will call you Squidweird! (Squidward)
  • Brawn vs Brain (Irwin)
  • Mandevil (Cosmo)
  • Mandarker (Buttercup)
  • Holy Cow! (Owen, Phineas and Isabella)
  • I'll be poor (Chester)
  • Lucky Billy (Deedee)
  • Low Punch (Sandy)
  • The luck finally ends! (Billy)
  • Little Impresive (Little Suzy and AJ)
  • Super Elimination (Bubbles)
  • Ours won't end (Nergal Jr.)
  • I'm not your boyfriend! (Panini)
  • Enemy Elimination (Timmy)
  • Eliminations Starts (SpongeBob and Wanda)
  • Why we? (Blossom)
  • But you're STUPID! (Dexter)
  • You aren't really smart aren't you (Ferb)
  • Egg Rolls! Revenge! (Mandy)
  • I'll back with you (Lisa)
  • The Chicken traitor (Cow)
  • A delicius Chowder! (Chowder)
  • A friendship returns (Flem)
  • Sorry for that (Chicken)
  • Look that's my brother! (Bart)
  • A million dollars, baby! (Mandark)
  • Do you have what it takes? (Patrick/Dawn (Runner-Up) and Courage/Brick (Winner))(In Alternate Ending Patrick/Dawn (Winner) and Courage/Brick (Runner-Up))

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