22 Muppets And 2 Total Drama Contestants Came To A Crummy Island To Stay For 8 Weeks. They Are Put Into 2 Teams Called The Screaming Pandas And The Killer Whales.

Rowlf 25th Place (From The Screaming Pandas.)

Eva 24th Place (From The Screaming Pandas.)

Animal 23rd Place (From The Killer Whales.)

Scooter 22nd Place (From The Killer Whales.)

Skeeter 21st Place (From The Screaming Pandas.)

Miss Mousey 20th Place (From The Killer Whales.)

Izzy 19th Place (But Would Return.) (From The Killer Whales.)

Fozzie Bear 18th Place (From The Killer Whales.)

Statler And Wardlorf 17th/16th Place (From The Killer Whales.)

Lips 15th Place (From The Screaming Pandas.)

Annie Sue 14th Place (From The Killer Whales.)

Zoot 13th Place (From The Killer Whales.)

Janice And Gonzo Debut And Teams Merge Into Boys Vs Girls.

Janice 12th Place (From The Girls Team.)

Floyd 11th Place (From The Screaming Pandas And The Boys Team.)

Wanda 10th Place (From The Killer Whales And The Girls Team

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