Christine marle isabelle 

high school love heart kiss hug boy girls friend togerther family tyler Christine isabelle love heart kiss hug boy girls killer r o bass


This season has got 2 teams which they're:

Toxic BrainsEdit

  • Pasadena (Captain)
  • Neocortex
  • Coco
  • Dingodile
  • Evil Crash
  • Tiny
  • Pinstripe

​Mutant MusclesEdit

  • Crunch (Captain)
  • Von Clutch
  • Nina
  • N.Gin
  • Crash
  • Evil Coco


There are 13 characters which they're:


Tiny (14th)

Brain vs Brawn Toxic Brains
Pinstripe (13th) The Maze of Doom Toxic Brains
Von Clutch (12th) Who Can You Trust? Mutant Muscles
Coco (11th) The Brawn is necessary Toxic Brains
Evil Coco (10th) I will smash you Mutant Muscles
Pasadena (9th) (Teams Merged) You can't beat me Toxic Brains
Neocortex (8th) Check out this! Toxic Brains
Crash (7th) You're so stupid! Mutant Muscles
N.Gin (6th) You need BRAINS! Mutant Muscles
Evil Crash (5th) Good vs Evil Toxic Brains
Dingodile (4th) I don't need you anymore Toxic Brains
Crunch (3rd) Sweet sweet revenge! Mutant Muscles
Crash (Runner-Up) (2nd) (Returns in Good vs Evil) The SUPER Final! Mutant Muscles
Nina (Winner) (1st) The SUPER Final! Mutant Muscles

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