It begins with a fireworks display.

Mugsy T: Let's see, Popcorn, Check, Balloons, Check.

Chris: Sup everybody! We're just getting reda for da most sick finale ever!

Mugsy: Dat's right. We only's got 2 players left. With DA SMARTS

  • Karen: I seen this 20 times.

Mugsy: DA DRAMA!

  • Big Bird: The suspense is mending!!!

Mugsy: DA TEARS!

  • Heather: (Confessional) *cries*


  • Several Couples: Kissing

Mugsy: And now it's come to 2 contestants! Heather & Osca.

  • Oscar: (Confessional) Who knew i could make it all the way? Me.
  • Heather: (Confessional) I made it all the way to the final 2!!!! I am going to win for my Aley!

Chris: And the $20,000,000!

Mugsy: So stay tooned to Total! Drama! Disaster! I'm gonna miss saying that.

Total Drama Disaster Elimination Chart