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As with TCI and TCA, 20 contestants (with 5 new characters) partake in this third season as they win another million dollars, In this season, your favorite cartoons return and will be into song as they travel around the world. If they are eliminated they will be taken the drop of shame. The contestants to return are Chowder, Mung, Endive, Panini, Shnitzel, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Dukey, Johnny, Ed, Double D, Eddy, and Nazz; and the new contestants are Blaineley, Phineas, Ferb, Kevin and Rolf.

Elimination OrderEdit

Blaineley Placed 25th

Shnitzel Placed 24th

Endive Placed 23rd

Panini Placed 22nd

Sandy Placed 21st

Rolf Placed 20th

Ferb Placed 19th

Sheen Placed 18th

Cosmo Placed 17th

Mung Placed 16th

Kevin Placed 15th

Dukey Placed 14th

Patrick Placed 13th

Double D Placed 12th

Nazz Placed 11th

Carl Placed 10th

Eddy Placed 9th

Chowder Placed 8th

Johnny Placed 7th

Wanda Placed 6th

Timmy Placed 5th

Jimmy Placed 4th

Phineas Placed 3rd

SpongeBob 2nd Placed Runner-Up

Ed Placed 1st Winner


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1. The Prince of Drama

2. Super Crazy Happy Time in Japan

3. Broadway, Baby!

4. The Greek Gods

5. Anything Yukon do, I Can do Better

6. TCM Aftermath  1

7. Oh Sweet Land Of Liberty

8. Hola Dude

9. Wombat Combat

10. Desert Madness

11. The Chris House

12. TCM Aftermath 2

13. Land Of The Ninja

14. Cowabunga Chris

15. Mamamia, That's-a Spicy-a Pizza!

16. Mount Winter

17. Weird Scottish....People?

18. TCM Aftermath 3

19. Amazon Madness!

20. Pyramid Curse Of Chris

21. Jumping With Kangaroos

22. The Mainland of the Penguin

23. It's Largest Country In Thw World

24. TCM Aftermath 4

25. Walking on Top of Elephants

26. The Next New Last Episode Again

27. Total Cartoon, Cartoon, Cartoon, Cartoon the Musical

Episode 1 The Prince Of Drama Edit

Chris:The World is Gonna be Mine, Sea to Shining Sea, Unfortuantley im Forced to Share My World With a Traveling Three Ring Cartoon Freak Shows-

Rolf:Hello Chris-Boy

Chris:Chris Boy?

Kevin:You'll Get That a lot

Phineas:Chris! Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Ferb:Hi Hi Hi!



Chris:Oh i forgot 20 old contestants from Total Cartoon Island, and Total Cartoon Action Will Be Competing Here!

(The Camera Moves To Show Chowder, Mung, Endive, Panini, Shnitzel, Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Jimmy Neutron, Carl, Sheen, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Dukey, Johnny Test, Double D, Eddy, Ed and Nazz)

Chris:And the new contestants are Phineas, Ferb, Rolf and Kevin!

Ed:Hiya Rolf!

Eddy:Oh Great, Shovle Chins Here!

Kevin:What did you say-

(A Plane With Chris's Face On It Lands On The Ground)

Chris:Now Boarding?

(All The 24 Contestants Get On The Plane)

Double D:This Going To Be a Long Season...

Chris:This is where your barf bag ceremonys will be!


Chris:If you don't get one you take the drop off shame!

(Chris Pulls On a rope)

Ferb:What do you (Everyone Falls Through a Hole) Meeeeeeeeean..........!

(They all Land On a Trampoline)

Chris:Now The Teams are the Killer Gophers and The Screaming Grips the killer gophers are....Shnitzel, Endive, Panini, Chowder, Rolf, Jimmy Neutron, Ed, Eddy, Double D, Sheen, Carl, and Mung...the screaming grips are....Kevin, Dukey, Patrick, Nazz, Cosmo, Sandy, Johnny Test, Wanda, Timmy, Ferb, Phineas and Spongebob.

Kevin:When's Our Challenge?



Chris:To Tokyo!

Episode 2 Super Crazy Happy Time In Japan Edit

Chris: Welcome to Japan, the greatest wonder of the earth. And it's where we are doing our first challenge.

Chowder:Which is......?

Chris:Your first part of the challenge is to run across this bridge while fighting ninja chef!

Chef:Hoo ha!

Double D:(Gets out Knunchucks):Hm....


(Double D Gets half way)


(Chef throws a chop but double d hits him with his knunchucks and jumps to the other side)

Patrick:C'mon spongebob!

Spongebob:Right patrick!

(Chef tosses them away)


(The others just maul chef)

Chris:Okay part two is to go into the japanese parade and win the prize!

Ed:Oh big dragon!

Double D:That's a figure of a dragon ed


(Kevin smashes it open and gets an invincibility pass)

Chris:Kevin you've won invincibility!

Mung:So which team wins?

Chris:Ummm i guess the screaming grips!

(at the plane)

Chris:The barf bags go to Endive, Panini, Chowder, Mung, Double D, Ed, Eddy, Rolf, Jimmy Neutron, and sheen.


Chris:The Final Barf Bag Goes to...............................................................................Carl!

Shnitzel:Rada? (The floor opens up) RAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! (He falls to the ground)

Chris:Off to Broadway!

Episode 3 Broadway, Baby! Edit

Chris: last time on Total Cartoon, the Musical, Kevin won for his team and Shnitzel was eliminated. Today we are going to Broadway on TOTAL..... CARTOON..... THE MUSICAL

The Greek Gods Edit

Chris: last time on Total Cartoon, the Musical, Kevin and his team won again and Chowder voted off Endive. Find what will happen next on TOTAL..... CARTOON..... THE MUSICAL

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do BetterEdit

Chris: last time on Total Cartoon, the Musical, Kevin and his team won for the third time and Panini was eliminated. Find out what will happen for our contestants this time on TOTAL..... CARTOON..... THE MUSICAL