Total Computer is an episode in Total cartoon


Hello and welcome to Total Cartoon. These 20 Campers are going to need to survive in this island, exepet for the one team that gets the good Cabin. So here they come now.


O.K., So now that everyone is here we will let you go to your cabin

Team Scream's Cabin

Masamoune: At Desk Video chatting

Yue: So then I was so gonna win ok?

Masamoune: Uh-huh? OK can I Please tell my Story

Yue Nods

Masamoune: Ok so I was Bullied on the boat ride here

Yue: You WHAT!

Masamoune: Yeah, Like a kid named Mac called me a Butthead, but Mac is not on my team he is on Team Killer. Have you seen Total Drama?

Yue: Uh-huh

Masamoune: You can only vote out members of your team, that rule must be the same here!

Yue: Yeah.

Finn: in hot tub.

Finn: Ah This is the life!

But at team killers cabin

Cosmo: Ugh I wish I got Team Scream's Cabin!

Mac: But Cosmo there is a strict NO GRANTING WISHIES rule

Cosmo: Oh Yeah!

Horn honks

Ok so it is time for your first challenge

Amu: OOOOOO I love challenges

This is a log roll challenge. Two people from each team is gonna face of against eachother, ok so the first machup is Peter VS. James

Peter VS James

James Wins

Finn VS. Cosmo

Cosmo Wins

Utau VS. Ed

Utau Wins

Jinga VS Edd

Edd Wins

Masamoune VS Eddy

Eddy Wins

Wanda VS Amu

Wanda Wins

Bloo VS Ash

Bloo Wins

Mac VS Delia

Delia Wins

May VS Max

Max Wins

And Roxie Vs Brock

Roxie Wins But Team Killer Wins the Challenge

Team Killer Cheers

At the Bonfire Ceremony

In my hands are nine Marshmellows One Of You are going home

The Marshmellows go to Peter, Finn, Utau, Jinga, Amu, Ash, Delia, May and Roxie so Masamoune goes home

Jinga and Utau Kiss!


Yue from beyblade video chatting with Masamoune