Is the nineth season of Total Cartoon Series.This time as 26 Castmates.The The contestants to return are Marge, Cindy, Pearl, Sponge Bob, Bart, Homer Simpson, Ferb, Skipper, Marlene, Geoff, Owen, Courtney, Duncan, Izzy, Panini, Chowder, Ed, Cosmo, Rico, Nazz and Sheen.The new Castmates is Bloo, Goo Goo, Eduardo, Mac and Sailor Jupiter.

Note:Lindsay is not in this season because she win a One Billion dollars in the last season.In This season are Six Billion Dollars.


Elimination Edit

Duncan(With Courtney) Placed 26th

Courtney(With Duncan) Placed 25th

Goo Goo Placed 24th

Izzy Placed 23rd

Cindy Placed 22nd

Sheen Placed 21st

Rico Placed 20th

Owen Placed 19th

Chowder Placed 18th

Marge Placed 17th

Bloo Placed 16th

Nazz Placed 15th

Homer Simpson Placed 14th

Panini Placed 13th

Marlene Placed 12th

Skipper Placed 11th

Eduardo Placed 10th

Sponge Bob Placed 9th

Cindy Placed 8th

Rico Placed 7th

Pearl Plced 6th

Mac Placed 5th

Bart Simpson Placed 4th

Geoff Placed 3rd

Runner-Up: Sailor Jupiter

Winner: Ferb