Total Cartoon Teen Is about 32 contestets batteling for a million dollars. The contestants are Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, Spencer Shay, Gibby Gibson, Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, Logan Mitchell, Tori Vega, Andre Harris, Robbie Shapiro, Jade West, Cat Valentine, Beck Oliver, Trina Vega, Aaron Goldstein, Liam Goldstein, Zack Martin, Cody Martin, Bailey Pickett, London Tipton, Alex Russo, Justin Russo, Max Russo, Harper Finkle, Sonny Monroe, Tawni Hart, Chad Dylan Cooper, Nico Harris, Grady Mitchell, and Zora Lancaster.


32. Gibby Gibson

32. Sonny Monroe

30. Beck Oliver

29. Spencer Shay

28. Trina Vega

27. Carlos Garcia

26. London Tipton

25. Liam Goldstein

24. Freddie Benson

23. Grady Mitchell

22. Jade West

21. Harper Finkle

20. Zora Lancaster

19. James Diamond

18. Carly Shay

17. Cody Martin

16. Alex Russo

15. Max Russo

14. Cat Valentine

13. Andre Harris

12. Tori Vega

11. Kendall Knight

10. Sam Puckett

9. Chad Dylan Cooper

8. Justin Russo

7. Robbie Shapiro

6. Cody Martin

5. Logan Mitchell

4. Bailey Pickett

3. Tawni Hart

2. Aaron Goldstein

1. Nico Harris

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