is the eighth season of Total Carton series.The The Returning characters are Chowder, Mung, Ed, Double D, Eddy, Truffles, Cosmo, Wanda, Timmy, Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Jeremy, Stacy, Carl, Sheen, Sponge Bob, Patrick,Sandy, Lindsay, Beth, Katie, Sadie, Geoff, Dj, Duncan, Courtney, Nobert, Dagget, Endive, Mort, Maurice, King Julien, Skipper, Kowaski, Private, Rico, Marlene, Panini, Heather, Gazpacho, Baby Poof, Trixie, Nazz and Pearl.The The New Characters are Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Abby, Otis, Pig, Lisa Simpson, Bart Simpson, Maggie Simpson and Cindy 

Elimination Edit

Eddy Placed 57th

Double D Placed 56th

Baby Poof Placed 55th

Wanda(Quit) Placed 54th

Endive(With Heather) Placed 53rd

Heather (With Endive)  Placed 52nd

King Julien Placed 51st

Mort Placed 50th

Timmy Placed49th

DJ Placed 48th

Abby(Kowaski switch the Votes) Placed 47h

Kowaski Placed 46th

Katie(With Patrick) Placed 45th

Patrick(With Katie) Placed 44th

Lisa Simpson Placed 43rd

Maggie Simpson Placed 42nd

Beth Placed 41st

Sadie Placed 40th

Nobert Placed 39th

Dagget Placed 38th

Gazpacho Placed 37th

Trixie Placed 36th

Maurice Placed 35th

Private Placed 34th

Candance Placed 33rd

Jeremy Placed 32nd

Stacy Placed 31st

Top 30 Edit

Phineas(With Issabela) Placed 30th

Issabela (With Phineas) Placed 29th

Mung Daal Placed 28th

Truffles Placed 27th

Pearl Placed 26th

Pig Placed 25th

Otis Placed 24th

Carl Placed 23rd

Sheen Placed 22nd

Nazz Placed 21st

Rico Placed 20th

Final 19 Edit

Cosmo Placed 19th

Ed Placed 18th

Chowder(Panini quit and Join in his elimination) Placed 17th

Panini(Quit and Join in Chowder Elimination) Placed 16th

Izzy Placed 15th

Duncan Placed 14th

Courtney Placed 13th

Owen Placed 12th

Geoff Placed 11th

Marlene Placed 10th

Skipper Placed 9th

8 Finalists!!!!! Edit

Ferb Placed 8th

Homer Simpson Placed 7th

Sponge Bob Placed 6th

Pearl Placed 5th

Bart Placed 4th

Cindy Placed 3rd



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