name episode eliminated team place goo episode 2 super spikes 24th
lazlo episode 3 buggy sponges 23th
johny test episode 5 buggy sponges 22th
fred episode 6 super spikes 21th
eddy episode 7 buggy sponges 20th
chowder episode 8 buggy sponges 19th
scratch cat episode 9 buggy sponges 18th
mordecai episode 10 buggy sponges 17th
garfield episode 11 super spikes 16th
sam episode 12 super spikes 15th
cody episode 13 super spikes 14th
generator rex episode 14 super spikes 13th
eliot kid episode 15 super spikes 12th
bloo episode 16 buggy sponges 11th
kunuckles episode 17 buggy sponges 10th
ben 10 episode 18 buggy sponges 9th
finn episode 19 buggy sponges 8th
scooby doo episode 20(join in episode 19) none 7th
penny episode 21 super spikes 6th
angelo episode 22 buggy sponges 5th
nickel episode 23 super spikes 4th
gumball episode 24 buggy sponges 3rd
bugs bunny episode 25 super spikes 2nd
spongebob none(winner the episode 25) buggy sponges 1st



gold coin episode Edit

  • episode 10

cake at stake Edit

song:the points a gone

save people:not elimination

green zone people:more likes

danger zone Edit

people elimination

end episode Edit

one people winner,and one the runner-up