Double D:hello everyone im your host double d

Lee:welcome to total cartoon island remake aftermath

Double D:and heres our first guest Dagget

Dagget:i really shouldnt be here right now i would be on the show right now

Lee:just because Norbert went behind your back and told the team to vote you off?

(the audience gasps)


Dagget:norbert did what this is a joke right?

Lee:did someone not tell this guy

Double D:heres the guy recently voted off its chowder!


Lee:arent you even bumed you lost the chance to win one hundred grand?

Chowder:no not really if mung wins it doesnt really matter


Double D:heres truffles!

Truffles:why am i here?

Lee:because you got voted off


Lee:so who do you think should win the cash?

Truffles:probably sarah that girls tough

Double D:and heres norbert!

Nobert:Wheres Nobert?

Lee:Oh yeah everyone Nobert is in a unkwnon Location because he become crazy and Quit of the Game!

Nazz:hey break it up

Dagget:but he-

Lee:were out of time anyway so see ya next time!

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