• Hula Hula Tribe: Francine, Jacob A. Jones, Arthur, Pal, D.W, Heather, Spongebob & Patrick.
  • Volcan Tribe: Francine, Buster, Plankton, Izzy, Gwen, Danny P. Danny R. & Annie Scrambler.
Player Tribe Exile Duel Merge Eliminated
Danny P. Volcan vs Pal No Are You Serious Chris?
Heather Hula Hula None No Let's get this Luau started!
Gwen Volcan vs Heather & Izzy Yes Total Cartoon The Volcano
'Buster' Volcan vs Heather & Izzy No Hukamuna
''''Arthur'''' Volcan None No Worst...Reward...Ever
Izzy Hula Hula vs Gwen & Buster No Holy Plankton!
Pal Hula Hula vs Danny P. Yes Dibs on you Lava
Buster Volcan None Yes Welcome 2 the Luau
Francine Orthon None Yes Hawa'i Merge
Patrick Orthon vs Patrick Yes Enchanted Tiki Dreams
Jacob Orthon None Yes Search and Rescue
Danny R. Orthon vs Jacob Yes Search and Rescue
Pal Orthon None Yes What About Me?
Plankton Orthon None Yes How to End a Season
Annie/Francine Orthon None Yes Winners

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