TCH Was A Surprising 23rd Season Featuring 9 Vetrans And 7 Newbies

Big Bird June Owen Timmy Kevin Jimmy N. Zoot And Cindy All Make It To The New Season. And Theodore Alejandro Kermit Gonzo Sierra Alvin Simon And Blaineley Join In

Elimination Edit

17/16 Cindy

16/17: Blaineley

Episodes Edit

Episode 1 To Boo? Or No To Boo?

(Chris) Happy Halloween From Total Cartoon!!! Today And Every Other Day For The Next 13 Episodes You'll Be Seeing June Zoot Big Bird Owen Kevin Cindy Jimmy N. And Timmy!

(Zoot) Man It Is Good To Be Back!

(Kevin) This Is Stupid!

(Big Bird) What Were You Being Nuts?!?!

(Zoot) Shhhh.

(Cindy) Jimmy Neutron What Do You Think They'll Make Us Do?

(Jimmy N.) Gee. For Once I Don't Know

(June And Owen) Kissing.

(Timmy) Aw Come On Where's The Fairies???

(Jimmy N.) Shhh Timmy. I Can't Have Izzy Either.

(?????) Hey Dude.

(Everyone Except Zoot) Huh???????

(Zoot) ALVIN!!!!!!

(Alvin) ZOOT!!!!!!

(?????) Hi Ho There

(Big Bird) Kermit????

(Kermit) Yup It's Me And With Me Is The Great Gonzo!!!

(Gonzo) Ta-Da!!!!!

(?????) 2-5+51-21,9-50.000-239182= Pi.

(Simon & Theodore) P.S Wonder Where We Are?

(Chris) Your On Total.....Cartoon.......HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!

(Everyone But Gonzo Scream)

(Gonzo) All Right!!!!

(Chris) Yup! Now Go Make Teams.

(Chris) Big Bird And Simon Will Make Teams.

(Simon & Theodore) May I Use The Bathroom?

(Chris) Sure.

(Simon & Theodore In Cofessional) THERE'S A CONFESSIONAL IN A BATHROOM?!?!?!?!?! UGH!!!!!!

(Chris) Now Go Make Teams.

(Big Bird) Alvin

(Simon & Theodore) Kermit

(Big Bird) Kevin

(Simon & Theodore) Hmmmm

(Jimmy N.) Remember Ememies Closer.

(Simon & Theodore) All Right..June?.?.

(June) YEA!!!!!

(Big Bird) Zoot

(Simon & Theodore) Owen

(Big Bird) Timmy & Blaineley

(Simon & Theodore) Alvin

(Big Bird) Jimmy N. And Cindy

(Jimmy N.) Wise Desicions.

(Simon) I Guess That Leaves Me With Gonzo

(Cindy) Thanks

(Chris) Big Bird I Christen Your Team The Zinging Zombies!!!

(Chris) Simon I Dub Your's The Goofy Ghosts.

(Simon In Cofession) BOO!!!!!!!!

(Chris) Now For Elimination!

(Everyone) Say What!?!?!?

(At Elimination) Here's Where It Happens At Gwen's House.

(Zoot) Oh Man.

(Chris) I Got 14 Bags Of Candy For All But One Whom Should Not Get Will Be Taking The Hell Shaft-O-Shame And Leave For Good.

(Chris) Now The 1st Bags Of Candy Go To....Big Bird & Sierra

(Chris) June Alvin And Simon Got 1 Vote So There Safe

(Chris) Next One Is For Timmy. Whom Got 2 Votes.

(Chris) Next 4 Go To Alejandro Gonzo Kermit And Zoot

(Chris) We Are Down To Four.

(Chris) Owen And Kevin Are Siafe.

(Chris) And Finally.........

(Chris) Jimmy!!!

(Jimmy N.) Oh Yeah!!!

(Chris) Cindy And Blaineley, Any Last Words?

(Cindy And Blaineley) No. I'm Out Of Here.

(Cindy And Blaineley) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

(Chris) See You Next Time On Total....Cartoon.....Halloween!!!!! BOO!

TCH Episode 2 April Haunts!

(Chris) Previously On TCH Our 9 Treaters Met 4 New Treaters

(Chris) And 2 Teams Were Born,The Zinging Zombies And The Goofy Ghosts.

(Chris) And In Our 1st Elimination Cindy Was Booted Off!!

(Chris) Our 1st Challenge Begins Now On Total....Cartoon.....Halloween!!!

(Theme Song Plays For The First Time Ever!)

(Zoot) Another Day,Another Zlay.

(Simon) What's Does That Mean?

(Zoot) Who Knows?

(Simon) Ugh!!!!!!!!!!

(Kermit) Morning Team!!!

(All Of The Goofy Ghosts) Morning!

(Chris) Treaters...Come To The Racing Course.

(Chris) You're 1st Challenge Is To Race With Treats In You're Team's Bags.

(Chris) If You Make It To The Finish Line 1st You Win Invicibility!

(Chris) And The Losers Will Face Elimination.

(Chris) Now Pick You're Players For The Race!

(Simon In Confessional) A Race? Ugh. How Many Episodes Are There?

(Goofy Ghosts Talk About Who They Should Pick)

(While The Zinging Zombies Already Have Made A Desicion.)

(Chris) On Your Marks.....Get Set.....Go!!!!

(Gonzo) Haw! This Is Too Easy!

(Jimmy N.) Yee-haw!!!!

(Gonzo) Eat My Dust Sucka!

(Jimmy N.) Ahhhhhh!!!!!

(Chris) The Goofy Ghosts Win!!!

(All Of The Goofy Ghosts) Yes!!!!

(Chris) And The Zinging Zombies Are Eliminating Someone.

(At The Confessional Big Bird Votes) I Vote For Zoot,He's A Threat Ever Since He Won Last Season.

(Zoot Votes) So Long Jimmy N!

(Alvin Votes) I Vote For Jimmy N.

(Gonzo Votes) Jimmy N.

(Kevin Votes) Zoot.

(Jimmy N.) Yep,Zoot.

(Chris) Now There Are 4 Bags Of Candy In Your Hand Right And There Are In.............Big Bird Hand.

(Chris) Gonzo's

(Chris) Alvin's

(Chris) And On.....

(Zoot) Stop! I'm Playing A Hidden Imunity Idol!

(Chris) O-kay.

(Jimmy N.) Wait That Means I'm Out!

(Chris) Yep.

(Jimmy N.) Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Chris) See Ya'll Next Time On Total Cartoon Halloween!!!!

Ep.3 Hallopain!!!!

Last Time On TCH' The Treaters Had To Run A Race With Candy,The ZZ's Won! And Zoot Played A Imunity Idol And Jimmy Was Out.

(Theme Song Plays.)