Timmy Turner

The Winner


The 1st season of a new reality show where 18 contestants get invited to a show called Total Cartoon, they think it's a resort in Mexico but end up in a crummy camp, (which some of the cartoons like)


TV ShowsEdit


Franklin- The Smart 6 year old- On the Roaring Bears

Bear- The Smart 7 year old Bear- On the Roaring Bears

Beaver- The Fun 6 year old Bear- On the Flying Moose

Fairly Odd ParentsEdit

Wanda- A smart fairy- Loves Cosmo- On the Roaring Bears

Cosmo- A dumb fairy- Loves Wanda- On the Roaring Bears

Timmy- A 10 year old who has a huge imagination- Loves Dora- On the Roaring Bears

Jorgen- The strongest of all fairies- On the Flying Moose

Spongebob SquarepantsEdit

Spongebob- A sponge who lives under the sea- On the Flying Moose

Patrick- A very dumb seastar- On the Flying Moose

Karen- A very smart computer- Loves Jorgen- On the Roaring Bears

Plankton- A evil krillboy- On the Roaring Bears


Heather- A evil teen- Attracted to Alejandro- On the Roaring Bears

Alejandro- A hot latin- Loves Candace- On the Roaring Bears

Cody- A geek who wants the ladies- On the Flying Moose

Dora the ExplorerEdit

Dora- A spanish explorer- Loves Timmy- On the Flying Moose

Phineas and FerbEdit

Candace- A frantic 14 year old- Loves Jermey- On the Flying Moose

Jermey- A slow 14 year old- Loves Candace- On the Flying Moose

Baljeet- A smart 8 year old- On the Flying Moose


Jermey, Karen, Plankton, Candace & Timmy believe Alejandro is evil.

Characters for Jimmy Neutron, Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street, TDI/A/WT, Phineas and Ferb & Cyberchase will be interns.


Heather blushes after Alejandro flirts with her.

Jermey dodges heavy things.

Cody panics when he believes that some a thing is scary but isn't.

Elimination TableEdit

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