TCATW Is The 21st Season Made 12 Contestants Returned They Are Clifford Big Bird Ed Eddy Edd Owen Jimmy Timmy Izzy Chowder Kevin And Rolf They Are Going Around The World Along With 6 New Contestants Blaineley Alejandro Zoot Sierra Floyd And Sheen!

Teams... Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot Team Amazon And Team Victourious Are Formed

Blaineley 18th Place

Sheen 17th Place

Zoot 16th Place

Clifford 15th Place

Ed 14th Place

Floyd 13th Place

Owen 12th Place

Eddy 11th Place

Edd 10th Place

Zoot Returns By Popular Demand....

Chowder 9th Place

Rolf 8th Place

Big Bird 7th Place

Zoot (Again) 6th Place

June And Sierra Join The Show And Teams Merge....

Jimmy 5th Place

Izzy 4th Place

June & Sierra 3rd Place

Kevin & Blaineley 2nd Place (1st In Alternate Ending.)

Timmy 1st Place (2nd In Alternate Ending.)