Total Cartoon All-Stars 2 Is A Sequal Of TCAS. It Has 12 Returing Contestents And 3 New Ones. They're Cosmo,Wanda,Duncan,Ed,Eddy,Jimmy N.,Timmy,Sandy,Spongebob,Izzy,Owen,Pinky,Brain And Big Bird.

It Is Season 19 Of Total Cartoon Series.

The Elimiation Is As Followed.

Escope 15th Place

Ed 14th Place

Pinky 13th Place

Cosmo 12th Place

Jimmy N. 11th Place

'Pinky And Escope Come Back.'

Timmy 10th

Sandy 9th

Izzy 8th Place

Teams Merge.

Spongebob Withdrew

Owen 7th Place

Duncan 6th Place

The Fantastic 5

Brain 5th Place

Pinky (Again) 4th Place

Eddy (Finally!!) 3rd Place

Wanda 2nd Place

Ther Winner Is.................BIG BIRD!!!!! HE WINS $250,000,000,000,000!!!!

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