TC2012 Is The 22nd Season Jimmy N. Ed Izzy Duncan Zoot Cosmo Sandy SpongeBob Clifford Floyd Owen All Return And Beth Joins In Well Ok In Episode 5.

2 Teams Are Made Team Vortex Team Cyclone

                          Jimmy N. Ed Izzy Beth Duncan Zoot        Cosmo Sandy SpongeBob Clifford Floyd And Owen

SpongeBob 14th Place

Izzy 13th Place

Ed 12th Place (But Would Return In Episode 7.)

1st Reward Challenge.

TC2012 Aftermath 1

Beth Joins Team Vortex.

Owen 11th Place

Ed Returns And Is Put On Team Cyclone.

Sandy 10th Place

2nd Reward Challenge

Duncan 9th Place

Floyd 8th Place

TC2012 Aftermath 2

3rd Reward Challenge

4th Reward Challenge

Big Bird Returns In Episode 14 2012 A Big Odysey And Teams Merge Into Mini-Teams.

Team Loco Team Smart And Team Ocho

Big Bird Cosmo And Zoot Jimmy N. And Clifford Ed

Team Loco Is Yellow Team Smart Is Black And Team Ocho Is Violet.

Clifford 7th Place

Cosmo 6th Place

5th Reward Challenge

Ed (Again 5th Place.)

Floyd Returns And Joins Team Ocho.

Jimmy N. 4.5th Place

TC2012 Aftermath 3

6th And Final Reward Challenge

Floyd 4th Place

Team Loco Is The Last Team And We Have A 2nd Merge!

But 1st Owen Returns

Big Bird 3rd Place

Owen Runner-up


Anyone Is Alowwed To Make The Elimination Table.

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