Chris:last time on total cartoon island remake the cartoons were forced in a wicked dodgeball challenge and endive along with sarah and mama bravo made the first total cartoon island alliance ever in the end it was the book worm double D that was eliminated and the screeching monkeys won for once who will today find out right now on this daring episode of total......cartoon....island.....!


Eddy:chris why did you call us outside of our cabins

Chris:never mind that just follow me!

(they follow chris to the theatre)

Chris:todays challenge is a talent contest


Chris:all you have to do is pick one person with a great talent then at five'o,clock you show it off

(They Go to the cabins)

Chowder:pick me i can eat an entire skyscraper of food

Dagget:prove it!

(Chowder eats it all)

Dagget:ok then i pick him any objections?


Dagget:okay then

(to the other team)

Squidward:pick me i can play the clarinet

(squidward plays it)

Spongebob:wow hes improved

Squidward:why thank you......

Chris:times up!

(they go back to the theatre)

Chris:welcome everyone to the wawanakwa talent contest the talents will be judged by chef on the chef-o-meter first up chowder!

Chowder:alright here goes!

(chowder shoves down all of the food down his throat)

(the chef-o-meter Gives it a three)

Chris:ew is squidward

(squidward plays the clarinet)


(the chef-o-meter gives it a five)

Chris:looks like the screeching monkeys lose!


Chris:you guys know the drill im gonna call your names yadda yadda yadda and the marshmellows go to eddy,johnny,panini,truffles,nazz,Ms Puff,Pearl,sandy

Chowder:please be me!

Dagget:oh no......

Chris:the last marshmellow of the night goes to....................chowder