Izzy Is A Uber Psycho Girl. Her Friends Are Big Bird And Wanda. She Has No Enimies.

Izzy Has A Crush With Jimmy N.

They Kissed Five Times.

Izzy Was Dead Last With 15th Place.

But Shockinly She Wasn't Voted Off. E-Scope Was!!!

Izzy And Jimmy. They Have A Major Relationship Marshmellow Count: 7

In They're Back!! Izzy Met Jimmy.They Hugged.

Izzy However Was The 1st One Out. (But It Was Really E-Scope.)

In Why Die! Jimmy Projects Izzy And Comfromts Her.

In Dodgebrawl 2 Timmy Turner Hurts Izzy Feelings So Jimmy Cheers Her Up. But She Is Still Mad And Ends Her Friendship With Timmy Or The Mean Stupid Faries And She Votes Him Off.

In Hecktor Spector Jimmy Is Voted Off. Izzy Is Very Sad And Almost Cries. They Almost Kiss, Until Chris Comes And Says That It's A Half Hour Show.

In Only The Merge Counts. E-Scope Returns Along With Pinky Whom Seems To Be Much Smarter Now. And Jimmy Is Known.

In Zoombayweya Baby! Izzy Seems To Be Still Upset About Jimmy. Or Jimmypoo As Izzy Says.

And Izzy Quits Because She Missed Jimmy Too Much.