Episode Edit

Chris:last time on total cartoon island remake well there was an aftermath and watch this episode of total...cartoon...island...remake!


(the episode starts with chris having everyone outside)

Chris:your challenge today is a cooking challenge your team will serve three meals whoever gets the most points wins theres the truck

Panini:lets do a italian theme

Sandy:panini your head chef


Endive:head chef called it



Sarah:im glad i quit that stupid alliance endive wouldve booted me off already


Endive:ok is everyone ready lets go

(they go to the kitchens)

Endive:first we are making a pizza

Mung:uh endive thatll take a while

Endive:fine lets make ribs then

Mung:fine with me


(back with the screeching monkeys)

Panini:were going to make pasta ok lets get out the sauce

(a few hours later the food is ready and endive comes out with the pizza thats burnt all over)

(chris takes a bite out of it)

Chris:*cough* what the heck is this im giving it four points

(panini brings out her food)

(chris takes a bite out of it)

Chris:on a score from one to ten......fifteen ok bring out your second dishes!

(endive brings out macaroni)

Chris:eh eight

(panini brings out her dish and its fried chicken)

(chris eats it)

Chris:five now for the last course!

(endive brings out cake)

(chris eats some of it)

Chris:ten the other team needs at least eight points to win

(panini brings out cookies)

(chris eats all of them)

Chris:its.............twenty points!


Chris:the marshmellows go to.......mandy,spongebob,squidward,mung,mama bravo,only two of you are left and the last marshmellow of the night goes to..............................endive

Endive:you heard him boat of losers that way!

Sarah: in have my revange!

(Sarah Leaves in the boat of losers)

Chris:your all safe.........for now!