Friends:Double D Enemies:Lee,Kevin TDI PLACE:4th TDA PLACE:5th TDM PLACE:9th

Total Cartoon Island Edit

Eddy Was one of the few to make it to the finals he switched the votes so double d would get voted off and also that nazz would get voted off to he is the second antagonist of the series Endive Was the main antagonist he made it all the way to the final four but he was voted off because chris wasn't there and chef didn't like him because eddy is mostly like duncan among the other cartoons at the finale he cheered for spongebob to win in the reunion special he and the other cartoons searched for the million dollars.

Total Cartoon Action Edit

Eddy Qualified for TCA in the reunion special he wasnt much of an antagonist of this season endive still is but he see's squidward as a threat he got voted off in the final five.

Total Cartoon, The Musical Edit

Eddy was working to win the money. In the end he ended in 9th place.