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Chris:Last Time On Total Cartoon Island Remake the eleven boys and eleven girls showed up here and im supirsed we actually got girls here now dude the first voted off was Lee Kanker he was flirting with eddy so much we couldnt show it on here will there be an alliance find out today on total.....cartoon....island!


Chris:heheheh watch this

(chris gets a megaphone and puts a megaphone behind it)


(Shnitzel Falls out of his bed)


i dont think i should translate that

Chowder:man that hurt

Chris:hey everyone its time for breakfast


Chris:after your thirty kilometer run around the lake


(they start running there)

Shnitzel:radaradarada? (can we stop mung?)

Mung:no shnitzel you cant have any toast

Shnitzel:rada! (but i didnt say that!)

Mung:no massage either

Chowder:to tired

(everyone arrives)

Chris:well the killer lions made it here first

Squidward:we won!

Chris:well not really

(he opens a buffet table)

Chris:whos hungry?



Chowder:there it was the buffet there was turkey eggs and even baked beans i think i need a moment (starts sobbing)


Chris:now its time for the awake-a-thon

Chowder:(mouth stuffed) The what a thon?

Chris:the awake-a-thon is a sleep challenge whos left standing wins

Sandy:so you made us do that run and made us eat the buffet to make it harder to fall asleep?


Sandy:darn hes good!

(it starts and three hours are through)

Chris:a few contestants have fell asleep and man this chapter is getting kinda short

(only panini,chowder,shnitzel remain)

Panini:hey chowder

Chowder:im not your boyfriend-

(chowder falls asleep)

(it turns to morning)

7:30 AM

Shnitzel:radaradarada-(Translation:im really tired-)

(shnitzel falls asleep and panini is still standing)

Chris:and the Screeching monkeys win!!!!!


Chris:whoever doesnt recieve a marshmellow must go down the dock of shame and ride the boat of losers and cant come back EVER the names im gonna call are......Endive,Mama Bravo,Sarah,Mandy,Norbert,Mung,Norbert,Spongebob,only two of you are left and the last marshmellow goes to...................................squidward

Shnitzel:Radaradarada (Translation:guess i gotta go)

(Shnitzel Leaves)