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Age:11 Hair Color:None Season Appereances:Total Drama Space Doom


Chicken is one of the main characters of the show Cow & Chicken. He's Cow's old brother. Chicken's appereances in seasons is: Total Drama Space Doom which he ended in 5th position.


He has got affliations with his team and Cow.

Cast (in order of appearances) Edit

Plio Alfre Woodard
Yar Ossie Davis
Zini Max Casellla
Suri Hayden Panettiere
Aladar D. E. Sweeney
Kron Samuel E. Wrights
Bruton Peter Siragusa
Neera Julianne Margulies
Baylene Joan Plowright
Eema Della Reese

Additional Voices

Matt Adler