Episode Edit

Chris:last time on total cartoon island remake the challenge was a trust challenge it didnt go to well for endive as she got shocked and got barraged with apples who will win find out today on total......cartoon......island!


(the episode starts at the dock)

Chef:todays challenge is a brutal one hey you quit leaning over!

Squidward:who me?

(chef starts hitting squidward with his ruler)

(they go to an obstacle course)

Chef:now begin!

(spongebob and eddy race across it)

Eddy:almost there.........

(eddy gets stuck between a wooden bar and a wheel)

(morning starts and eddy,mung,spongebob and johnny are hanging there legs are hanging on a branch)

Eddy:im starting to feel a little queezy

Spongebob:me to.......

(spongebob and eddy fall off)

Johnny:i can hang here all day

(johnny falls off before mung does)

Chris:im back time for the bonfire ceremony!


Chris:ok here are the marshmellows........pearl,ms puff,panini,eddy only two marshmellows left and it goes to.............................johnny

Sandy:eh who cares

Chris:no one see you next time!

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